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Hear a huge selection of songs written and recorded at the Holiday  
during our Steel Bridge, Dark Songs, and Love On Holiday sessions...

Own the Complete Collection of Songs Written and Recorded
During Steel Bridge Songfest

Steel Bridge Songs: Volumes 1-11 Available in Our Store

Some videos from the Steel Bridge Bridge Construction Crew 2013:




"LittleBlackNinja"_STEELBRIDGE_2013 from Connor Owens on Vimeo.

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"This festival brings it all together...
tremendous musical talent, the creative process, social commitment, historic vision and, most of all,
a real organic and comfortable vibe. I'm honored to be part of it because I love that old bridge and
I love what the organizers and supporters are doing to save it.
And making it happen with all that great music is just too cool."

- Len Nelson, 105.7 WAPL

  Steel Bridge Songfest: A Brief History
In 1996, a grassroots group called "the SOBs" (Save Our Bridge) was organized to save Sturgeon Bay's Michigan Street Bridge from the scheduled wrecking ball. Around 2005, Citizens for Our Bridge (CFOB) was registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is dedicated to preserving and promoting this historic bridge through community outreach and education by use of creative musical events and projects. To build public appreciation for the bridge and the Historic Downtown District located in Sturgeon Bay (Door County, WI), a week-long celebration is held every June in and around The Holiday Music Motel.
Songwriters and musicians from around the world, including Jackson Browne, Jane Wiedlin (Go-Go's), James McMurtry, Louise Goffin and hundreds of others have been drawn to this community, donating their time and talents to perform at Steel Bridge Songfest. A selection of musicians spend the week prior to the festival taking part in the annual Construction Zone songwritng intensive, where they collaborate on co-writing and recording new material inspired by the bridge. An eleven-disc collection of original songs (Steel Bridge Songs, Vols. 1-11) serves double-duty as testament and celebration.

Since 2007, thanks to assistance from the National Trust For Historic Preservation and funds raised through the Songfest, Sturgeon Bay's Historic "Steel Bridge" has been protected as a national treasure, listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Her 80th birthday was celebrated in the summer of 2011 with completion of the long awaited rehab. Since the bridge is officially "saved," CFOB's continued mission is to honor the bridge as a living symbol of creative collaboration and preservation thriving together harmoniously, building community, drawing greater beauty and vitality to our surroundings.

The Construction Zone songwriting portion of the festival is brought to you by:
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(photograph by Danielle French)

Friend of the Festival:  Steel Bridge Songfest is excited to partner with local Sturgeon Bay businesses on the new Friend of the Festival initiative. Local businesses have agreed to support Steel Bridge Songfest by offering valuable discounts and/or promotional offers to passholders, musicians and volunteers of the festival. These businesses form the heart and soul of our community and we encourage you to drop by and visit them while you are in Sturgeon Bay. Visit the Friend of the Festival Page to discover the discounts that business are offering.

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