Steel Bridge Songfest 2016 Performers

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CONSTRUCTION ZONE SONGWRITERS please read Songwriter Info & FAQs
(in alphabetical order by FIRST name)
** Indicates Construction Zone Songwriters

Adam Mackintosh and The Last Dancers (Chicago, IL)
** Adria Ramos (Appleton, WI)
** Alex Wilson (Milwaukee, WI)
Alex Wilson Band (Milwaukee, WI)
** Andrea Wittgens (New York, NY)
Anna Meert (Green Bay, WI)
** Anna Sacks (Santa Barbara, CA)
Annie B (Milwaukee, WI)
AUTOMatic (Milwaukee, WI)
** Barrett Tasky (Chicago, IL)
Barrett's Hidden Agenda (Chicago, IL)
The Bastard Association (Green Bay, WI)
Becky Markvart (Manitowoc, WI)
Blaine Schultz (Milwaukee, WI)
** Brett Newski (The World)
** Bruce Reaves (South Bend, IN)
** Carley Baer (Milwaukee, WI)
** Cathy Grier (New York, NY)
** Charles Boheme (Spring Green, WI)
** Charlie Cheney (Earth, Universe)
Cheryl Tomblin (Berwyn, IL)
The Chocolateers (DePere, IL)
Chris Aaron Family Band (Love, USA)
** Chris Bishop (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
Chris Bishop Duo (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
** Craig Greenberg (New York, NY)
** Dan O Stoffels (Madison, WI)
** Dan Smrz (Fish Creek, WI)
David Cox (Columbus, WI)
David Woods (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
Deathfolk (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
** delphine de St Paër (Los Angeles, CA)
Devil To Drag (Madison, WI)
Thy Dirty Deuce (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
The Dirty Martini's (Green Bay, WI)
Don DiLego (New York, NY)
Doug Taylor (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
Dr. Wippit (Bellevue, IL)
Elastik Waste Banned (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
Elliot Goettelman (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
** Emma Bee (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
Eric Hagen (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
** Eric McFadden (Los Angeles, CA)
Everyday Kings (Milwaukee, WI)
The Foamers? (Green Bay, WI)
Gary D (Keshena, WI)
** Genevieve Heyward (Milwaukee, WI)
** Geri X (St. Petersburg, FL)
** Greg Roteik (Waukesha, WI)
Half Moon Wankers (Holiday Music Motel, WI)
Hobohemia (Holiday Music Motel, WI)
Hott Ttarget (Holiday Music Motel, WI)
Jacob Mattson (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
** James Hall (Kennesaw, GA)
James Hall Band (Kennesaw, GA)
** Jamey Clark (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
Jeanne Kuhns (Egg Harbor, WI)
The Jeffrey James Show (Madison, WI)
** Jenny Bienemann (Chicago, IL)
Jim Ohlschmidt (Sheboygan, WI)
** Jimm McIver (Seattle, WA)
Jodi Walker (Chicago, IL)
Johnny Lowebow (Memphis, TN)
John Stano (Milwaukee, WI)
** Josh Hardy (Madison, WI)
Landon Capelle (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
** Lantz Lazwell (Los Angeles, CA)
** Liam Hall (Kennesaw, GA)
Life in a Tree (Milwaukee, WI)
Lisa Bethke (Madison, WI)
Little Cisco (Green Bay, WI)
** Liv Mueller (Milwaukee, WI)
** Lumberjack Cash (Chandler, AZ)
** Marja Johnson (Los Angeles, CA)
** Marty Korb (St. Petersburg, FL)
Marybeth Mattson (Jacksonport, WI)
** Matt Spatol (Madison, WI)
Maxel Toft (Chicago, IL)
MC Swiggz (Fish Creek, WI)
** melaniejane (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
** Michael McKinnon (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
** Mike Bleck (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
** Mike Wheeler (Burlington, VT)
** Morgan Rae (Madison, WI)
Nick Gonnering (Green Bay, WI)
OMG...I'm Famous!!! (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
** pat mAcdonald (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
Patrick Kelly (Marietta, GA)
Queen delphine (Los Angeles, CA)
Radio Box (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
** Rob Atwood (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
** Robin Bienemann (Chicago, IL)
The Royal Blue (Appleton, WI)
** Ruby James (Los Angeles, CA)
Russ Massey (Appleton, WI)
Sara Zacek (Green Bay, WI)
** Sarah Blick (Chicago, IL)
Seth Raddatz (Jacksonport, WI)
SHESHE (Madison, WI)
Shirley Green Band (Milwaukee, WI)
Significant Others (Chicago, IL)
Small Forest (Door County, WI)
Sons of Kong (Green Bay, WI)
Spatola (Madison, WI)
Stephen Cooper (Fond du Lac, WI)
** Steve Hamilton (Milwaukee, WI)
Strategic (Appleton, WI)
** Sugar Ransom (Milwaukee, WI)
Sugar Ransom &thesecretpistols (Milwaukee, WI)
Sugar Still (Chicago, IL)
** Tarl Knight (Green Bay, WI)
** Teve Mith (Chicago, IL)
This Big Life (Milwaukee, WI)
** Tony Menzer (Madison, WI)
TRISIS Vintage Vocal Trio (Central, WI)
Vedic Eden (Milwaukee, WI)
Velveetatones (Madison, WI)
Victims of The American Dream (VAD) (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
** Vincent Gates (Seattle, WA)
The Wells Division (Madison, WI)
WiFEE and THE HUZz BAND (Holiday Music Motel, WI)
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