Steel Bridge Songfest Financial Reports

Every year, we're asked the question, "Where does the money go?"...
...And every year, it's a question we're more than happy to answer! In an effort to make this information more readily accessible to the general public, Citizens for Our Bridge, Inc. compiles income and expense reports from the previous years' Steel Bridge Songfest, and make them available here as a PDF download for your viewing. You're encouraged to read it, print it, email it, and share it any way you wish!

Click on the images below to download and view the Steel Bridge Songfest reports. 
Adobe Acrobat Reader may need to be installed for viewing. Get it HERE.

In hopes of conveying a greater understanding of what goes into the festival's
organization and operation, the 2011 income/expense summary below includes
financial figures PLUS details pertaining to volunteer participation, etc.


2012 Financials

2013 Financials
THANK YOU, Jackson Browne, for returning to play for us in 2013 after four years' absence, enabling us to sell more
passes in 2013 than in the previous two years combined! This much-needed revenue helped pay some past debts
and get a head start on financing Steel Bridge 2014. 

2014 Financials

2015 Financials

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