Breaking news for Steel Bridge Songfest 2019!

Steel Bridge 2.0
Non-profit gets new name and wider focus   

After much soul searching and discussion, we the organizers of Steel Bridge Songfest are ready to reveal some significant changes for 2019. We hope Steel Bridge supporters in the community will be as excited about these new developments as we are.

Looming necessities have made this our year for taking the longer view and doing some deep revamping. In conjunction with the changes for Steel Bridge 2019, we’re expanding and re-branding our 501c3 non-profit (Citizens for our Bridge) as the Steel Bridge Creative Foundation (SBCF). This will not only bring new relevance to the Songfest, but also secure the survival of other events like Dark Songs and Love On Holiday, as well as add room for us to explore the endless possibilities The Tambourine Collaboratory (our creative incubator) has to offer within the newly-designated Steel Bridge Creative District.

Making new things happen is hard, and with Steel Bridge vying for our complete attention, we need to prioritize where our energies will go.

While the pub crawl has been an annual shot in the arm for the bar scene, and the outdoor festivals have provided some wholesome fun for the community, our strongest supporters know that the heart and soul of ALL of our events has always been the “Construction Zone” where the songwriting and recording happens. This collaborative group process (based on games of spin-the-bottle) is unlike anything else happening anywhere in the world. It’s why the music created here is not normal (you know what we mean), and with Third Avenue Playhouse (TAP) providing the perfect showcase, we strongly feel that focusing on the writing, recording and TAP performances is the best use of our efforts for this year’s event. The endless hours typically devoted to organizing a pub crawl and an outdoor festival will be redirected towards what's needed to truly have the non-profit step up as a more active and solid entity supporting a wider range of year-round creative endeavors and give proper attention to the catalog of songs already created, going back to 2005.

In tandem with these changes to this year's Songfest (and to fill any spare time we might have) we’ll also focus on fundraising for the re-branded non-profit (SBCF) which has always funded Steel Bridge Songfest (previously as Citizens For Our Bridge), but will now step up to fund all our events. Additionally, with help from the community, SBCF will fund the hiring of support personnel to assist with grant writing, database development and PR. The non-profit will also support campaigns to promote our catalog of over 1,300 locally-inspired, locally-written songs through expansion of Steel Bridge Radio, through song publishing & placement, video production, and anything else we can make happen by turning up the heat in The Tambourine.

We deeply regret any disappointment felt by those in the community who have supported us throughout these past 15 years who will mourn the loss of the pub crawl and outdoor festival portions of the event, but we trust that our core supporters will understand and stand behind this new trajectory we find ourselves on. And who knows? By Steel Bridge 2020, we might find ourselves partnering with people who love organizing pub crawls and such.  

Meanwhile, we're continuing to bring the "music so fresh, it hasn't been written yet" and doing our creative best to raise the bar while raising the means. All contributions to the Steel Bridge Creative Foundation, including ticket buys for all Steel Bridge and Holiday Music Motel-related events, will be tax deductible. This includes house concerts, all our shows at Third Avenue Playhouse, online subscriptions, and any future entertainment and/or educational experience we can dream up.

Thanks for serving the local art, music & preservation scene by supporting Steel Bridge 2019!