Hello Steel Bridge Songfest Volunteers - 2018 is ready for your helping hands!

We're always looking for volunteers! Below is a list of positions that need filling, and when they take place for this years festival. As always, volunteers receive a free weekend pass for just 2-4 hours of your help! To get involved and start helping out, please email steelbridgesongfest@gmail.com or call Steel Bridge Songfest at 920-559-0384.

Now - June 1: Hanging Posters / Promo Distribution
We need active and mobile volunteers to help spread the word by going to key locations putting up posters in Sturgeon Bay and beyond.
If you're in other cities, such as Green Bay, Appleton, Madison, Wausau, Milwaukee, & Chicago, we can ship posters to you for distribution in your area.

Now - June 11: Handbill Distribution
You’ll be asked to distribute small handbills with festival information to attendees of other events leading up to Steel Bridge. For example, we would want people out and about on Memorial Day weekend passing out handbills at Maifest in Jacksonport, the Saturday Farmers Market in Sturgeon Bay, or other high traffic events throughout Door, Kewaunee, and Brown Counties.

Already going to some events before the festival? Passing out 50-100 handbills takes as little as 30 minutes and really gets people talking, thanks to the time spent chatting with our wonderful volunteers!

This volunteer position is good for someone with excellent enthusiastic people skills. You need to know, or be able to learn, about Steel Bridge Songfest so that you can field a few minor questions, or generate buzz by people overhearing your excitement.

Common questions are "Who's performing at Steel Bridge Songfest this year?" or "What are the dates?" And yes, you will be handing them a card with the dates on it - but they ask anyway. And we'll supply you with a short list of notable names and other key talking points.

June 9 - 20 (tentatively): Transportation Crew
We would need two to four volunteers able to schedule a couple hours out of their day to provide the transportation of musicians to and from Green Bay as they travel via plane, bus, etc...

June 10 – 17: Food Service Crew / Office Crew
We're graced with so many talented songwriters traveling at their own expense and donating their time to the Construction Zone songwriting for an entire week! We’re also graced with the generous donation of food from area businesses and volunteers, which is offered to the songwriters so they can stay fueled during the week long collaborative writing and recording sessions.

We're in need of volunteers to help out by picking up these food donations and serving them to the songwriters twice per day. In some cases, some food prep may be necessary. So anyone good in the kitchen is encouraged to join the food crew!

You'll be responsible for setting up the buffet, perhaps making a salad or taking a shopping trip to purchase food for special needs diets, and making sure all dishes are washed after each meal.

Of course, you don't need to commit to both meals in a day if you're schedule doesn't allow for it. We'll take whatever time you can offer! All time donated to Steel Bridge is deeply appreciated.

Miscellaneous tasks in the office, run errands, merch prep, etc.

June 15 – 16: (Pub Crawl - Door Tenders)
Selling passes at the door of each venue requires a combined total of over 100 volunteer hours, but when divided up by a large group of organized volunteers, it's so easy! We need volunteers able to either handle the sale of Steel Bridge Songfest passes or simply direct people to the main entrance of a venue to purchase a pass. Each shift is 2 - 4 hours long, depending on how many volunteers we can get. So tell your friends!!

Being a door tender is a great way to get a free pass to the festival, while dedicating a small amount of time as a volunteer. While this task probably requires the least amount of time donated by any one individual, it's also one of the most important positions, and is of great importance to the festival’s success.

June 16 - 17 (Take It To The Bridge at the Holiday Music Motel)
- Bartenders

We're looking for licensed and unlicensed bartenders to work the beer tent. Shifts can be all afternoon or broken down into smaller blocks. Just let us know what you can do! However, we are especially looking for persons licensed in the city of Sturgeon Bay. While you don't need a license to be a server, we do need a licensed server to be on duty at all times. 

- Merch Crew
You'll be handling the sale of Steel Bridge Songfest merchandise - CDs, T-shirts, etc. during the 2-day outdoor event at the Holiday Music Motel. Shifts can be all afternoon or broken down into smaller blocks. Should be comfortable with the usage or learning the usage of smart phones. Particularly Android powered devices. We've implemented a credit card processing system that uses a credit card swiper attached to a tablet. But it will generally operate similar to that of a touch screen Point Of Sale system found in many restaurants & bars.

- Grounds Crew (extended hours on Sunday after the show ends)
Your job is simple, but very much appreciated by our organization, the Holiday Music Motel, and everyone that attends the festival. Simply show up for a block of time and enjoy the music! Of course, as you're there on site, walk around and be sure no trash is dirtying up the atmosphere and environment.

- Security*
This simply means a person (could be a grounds crew member) that keeps an eye on the crowd. You'll be watching for unsafe behavior, or persons bringing in their own alcoholic beverages. (Being that the festival is a licensed entity, bringing in alcoholic drinks that are not sold at the event is illegal.) Another example is stopping a child from playing in a dangerous manner near the street or on a structure that could lead to injury.

*Security volunteers will NOT be expected (or allowed) to eject anyone from the event or engage in any type of physical altercation. Simply politely attempt to handle a situation. If a problem persists or appears it may escalate, you would then notify a director or core organizer of the event. Names and numbers of these persons will be provided to you.

Thank you SO much for your continued generosity and support for Steel Bridge Songfest! It takes all of you to make the event a success! To get involved in any of the Crews mentioned above, please call us at 920-559-0384 or email steelbridgesongfest@gmail.com.

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