Assuming this covid thing will soon “just go away,” let’s boldly proclaim that Steel Bridge 2021 will be our last “virtual-only” Songfest. And the best one yet!

Like with our last three online events, our live hosts will again present a combination of streamed performances & stunning videos. Streaming from across the U.S. and Sturgeon Bay’s Holiday Music Motel & Tambourine Collaboratory, the night will bring many nice surprises. (Are we bad people if one of our goals is to make those who miss the show regretful and sad the next day?) “Music So Fresh, It Hasn’t Been Written Yet” is being written as we speak, and dazzling video works are well on their way to storyboards and locations. And our technical crew and event planners (“the molten core”) are already losing sleep, though not missing it (we actually love doing this). And it’s all for ONE NIGHT ONLY (!!!) of unrestrained entertainment aimed at further aggrandising a bridge? Yes, that's the simple explanation but more information is coming soon, so stay tuned! And please mark Saturday following the 2nd Thursday of June (the 12th) on your calendar!

(poster artwork: Krister Larsen. Graphic design: Ben Spatol)


Participating SBSF 2021 songwriters:

Andrea Wittgens
Barrett Tasky
Ben Spatol
Bruce Butkovich
Carley Baer
Cathy Grier
Charlie Cheney
Claire Kelly
Craig Greenberg
Ellie Maybe
Emily Zimmer
Eric "Wobbles" Rowe
Eric McFadden
Genevieve Heyward
Gina DeGregorio
Granville Mullings, Jr.
Greg Rotiek
James Hall
Jimm McIver
Joe Golemb
Josh Harty
Kate Vargas
Lillie Lemon
Liv Mueller
Make Keene
Maxel Toft
Michael McKinnon
Mike Bleck
Morgan Rae
Sam Lyons
Sarah Blick
Steve Smith
Vincent Gates
Wally Ingram
Zach Roach